Healthy Activity

Healthy Activity

while we can never outrun as bad diet, exercise and movement are one of the best ways of improving overall health.

healthy activities and exercise have the potential to benefit us mentally and physical in so many ways. What may be a bit weird is that we still get these pluses if we don’t the activity or even want to do it. The benefit is in doing it, but it makes it far easier to do and stick at if we do like it.

At Move Better/Feel Better I’m mostly involved with walking and running groups because these activities are so easily accessible to so many people.

Physical; cardio, weight loss, increased muscle tone

reduced pain: if starting exercise in a properly managed way, the movements and new sensations your body experiences can help

social isolation

improved self esteem and can help with body image

powerful aid in the treatment and management of depression

This is a page in progress. It’s here just now to enable you see what I’m about and where we’re going…because where we’re going, we don’t need roads