Walking and Running Classes

I believe that running and exercise is for is for everyone, including complete beginners. I can also remember how I felt when I started running, so understand what it feels like when you are thinking about getting active for the first time,or returning after a long break I’m here to ease you in.

If you are overweight, or lacking in confidence,or maybe feel anxious with new things or people, I will make you feel welcome and support you as you get started and progress.

Before starting any of the groups or classes a free assessment is done to make sure you’re entering at the right level for you because I want to help you succeed and achieve your goals.

Walking Group

Walking is a simple, natural and easy way to feeling better and is suitable for nearly everyone.

Its a great place to start in your fitness and health journey. So if you’re not sure you’re ready my Start Running Sessions why try the walking group programme instead?

Beginning to run in Rouken Glen

starting running easier

Our Start running easier Learn to Run programme starts easily and progresses more gently than many other Couch to 5K programmes with smaller increases. Making it ideal for those with a basic level of fitness. Goal is 5k or 40 mins of continuous running

improve your self esteme

start running

This is my faster route to running a 5k and if you wish it also acts as an ideal foundation start increasing your distance to 10k. Running 10Ks allows you to enter many of the other local running clubs events and to join the wider running community if you wish

Running & Walking Groups

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Daily Classes

For Beginners

7:00am - 8.30am

Fitness Strategy

10:00am - 11.30am


01:00pm - 02.30pm

Yoga Training

06:00am - 8.30am

Peace of Mind

03:00pm - 4.30pm

Restore Energy

05:00pm - 06.30pm